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Resilience and Leadership in times of war, based on the Four-Human-Dimensions model

Customer's feedback:

“The ability to put a well-organized analytical and structured method to help the leaders in the company to allow their employees to shine in so important layers of their personas is outstanding, and we will implement this approach tomorrow morning."


A lecture-based session on resilience and leadership with practical management tools to strengthen the leadership role at this time of war, to increase the resilience and energy level of the teams by adopting the four human-dimension-model (physical, cognitive, emotional and meaningful/value), and at the same time to continue meeting our obligations towards the customers/investors.


The lecture provides the leaders with a theoretical model and practical tools for dealing with the crisis and strengthening the resilience of the teams during this period. The structure of the meeting:

1. Overview of our reality and challenges:

  • How do we conserve energy over time in such a way that we can support others?

  • How do we organize and manage work during this period?

  • How do we maintain a healthy and balanced mindset - recognizing destruction alongside hope?

  • How do we strengthen our leadership and value compass?

2. What happens to us during a crisis?

3. What is organizational resilience?

4. Introducing the four-human-dimensions model - holistic approach (the physical, cognitive,

emotional, and self-fulfillment dimensions)

5. What is happening to us according to the four human dimensions?

6. How do we balance the four human dimensions in an organizational view? The organization

where we work may be a supportive community, giving us an anchor of routine, action, and


7. Management tips for each dimension

8. Leadership in times of crisis (summary)

At the end of the lecture, there will be some time for reflection and discussion.

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