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Impact with results

Once Lead2Quantum experts and your leadership team choose the focus area to work on, we set clear measurements to ensure success. Those can be, for example:

  • Increasing leadership team effectiveness

  • Improving leadership decision-making processes

  • Increasing trust and respect within the organization and within the leadership team

  • Increasing revenue per employee

  • Reducing undesired voluntary attrition

  • Increasing productive time per manager

  • Enhancing employee engagement

  • Amplifying the customer voice

Our services

We implement a quantum mindset differently than classical offerings. We offer you to connect to your whole self as an organization, team, or individual and increase your energy drivers, based on your deep meaning and values. The impact should be substantial and sustained, adaptive and constantly changing, while your core will stay still and strong to face any challenges.  


Organizational development, including workshops and offsites by embracing the quantum mindset:

  • Four human dimensions: Enhancing energy drivers to increase employee engagement and productivity. 

  • Team development: honing the potential of quantum teams for business success and high engagement. 

  • Leadership development in changing realities. 

  • Updated organizational process creation and implementation.

  • Executive coaching

lead2quantum lecture hebrew

Lecture in Hebrew

Order an inspirational lecture

  • “Excellent Organizations in a Quantum Era” - for leadership teams and executives 

  • “How to lift employees' energy level with the inspiration of the quantum mindset” -  for senior and middle management

  • “Innovative Leadership” - for first-line managers

  • Career Development - what does it take to fulfill your potential?” - for everyone

lead2quantum lecture english

Lecture in English

Research and measurement

Lead2Quantum presents updated and applicable interpretations of four human dimensions, based on the quantum principles research, with the ability to constantly measure and improve.

  • Diagnosing energy engines according to the four human dimensions model: the diagnostic process will be done using validated questionnaires that will be administered to both managers and employees. 

  • Recommendations report based on the results with insights into the organization as a whole, as well as to the managerial level. 

  • Action plan based on the results containing short interventions to kick off organizational change. 

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