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What are the problems
facing organizations today?

  • High attrition, low engagement, and low level of energy.

  • Lack of true collaboration and healthy relationships within and between teams

  • Strategy planning based on a fixed mindset and disconnection from the challenges of reality

  • Ineffective goals setting processes, poorly communicated, and understood, disconnected from the overall strategy

  • Individual agenda based on ego and power games 

  • Significant innovation efforts that fail to get to production

  • Endless hiring committees and processes

  • Fruitless back-to-back meetings based on “who is right” 

  • Frustrating cumbersome performance evaluation processes

Our story

We question anything and everything to ensure we embrace only processes that bring real value, rationale, and excitement. We aim to ensure that your organization has a mindset based on multi-dimensional leadership, quantum teams, superposition, and a potential of possibilities approach. This framework will enable leaders to tackle any complex trends, problems, and dilemmas with an innovative approach.

“I was fortunate to work closely with Hagith as part of LivePerson’s Israel management team and Global Product & Technology leadership.

Hagith brings with her a unique mix of business strategy understanding, operational leadership, and people-first orientation. She is a true intrapreneur, always pushing the envelope of what can be achieved with outstanding creativity, perseverance, and a pragmatic can-do attitude. All that is accompanied by endless optimism and empathetic interpersonal communication.

She is exactly the person you’d like to have next to you when looking to drive radical organizational innovation and lead a strategic change.”

Itai Jeager

Head of Engineering, eToro Money

“Hagith has managed to make a leap in the way we operated using unconventional methodologies taken from quantum physics. She has been instrumental in taking the global R&D teams as well as Israel Development Center to excel in performance and delivery in a consistent way while keeping a high employee engagement. The process and methods she has implemented have resulted in the creation of top-notch teams that were famous for innovation and delivery in the global corporate.”

Yuval Matalon

General Manager eBay IL and Head
of Global Human Intelligence 

“As a teacher and a supervisor Ella expresses a deep understanding of professional ideas. She can explain complicated concepts in a very intelligent and understandable manner. Her attitude is innovative and imaginative combined with deep dynamic understanding and passion for her work. Students in her classes and groups have felt an extraordinary sense of personal growth, and expansion of their knowledge. Ella was a highly appreciated and beloved team member.

Ella is a natural leader who can contain various logistic and emotional obstacles while demonstrating expertise, trustworthiness, warmth, and a human approach. Ella's vision is highly professional and innovative. She inspired the team and the students and led the program to a high level of professionalism.“

Liat Warhaftig-Aran

a Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst, Group Psychoanalytic, and Organizational Consultant

I run a boarding school learning center. I turned to Sharon for creating focus and strategic thinking, achieving well-being and balance at work, all geared towards high performance. With wisdom and patience, Sharon helped me unravel the mess, map out the many tasks, understand the connections with the various interfaces, and find ways to restructure the organization in a way that will enable a better division of resources between management and strategy, and ongoing tasks. Since then, strategies acquired from Sharon were adopted and implemented in other areas as well. The meetings with Sharon, beyond their benefit to our performance, were also especially enjoyable and empowering beyond my expectations.

Sigal Pinchasy

Director of the Mevo’ot Yam Learning Center

“I have known Ella for several years since we are both members of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis. During these years I saw her developing in the profession and becoming one of the leading group therapists in the current generation of Israeli group leaders. She is both a talented teacher and group leader, directing a successful group training program in the School of Social Work in Ramat Gan and is part of the team of the most appreciated group training program  in the Tel Aviv University. In addition, she established and directed a group analytic Institute in Russia. She supervises groups for both Ukraine and Russian therapists. She is a very "in-demand" group leader. I am sure that working with her will be an enriching and empowering experience.”

Haim Weinberg Ph.D.

Licensed psychologist, group analyst, and Certified Group Psychotherapist in private practice in Sacramento.

I had the privilege of working together with Sharon Graff in a management support process. Sharon has rare listening abilities that allow for an external and non-judgmental observation of complex situations. Sharon, in her delicate and elegant way, overwhelms dilemmas, challenges with smart questions and approaches to thinking outside the possible box, and allows me the ability to understand directions of response that are right for me in a complex reality.

Sharon brings a deep business understanding along with inexhaustible experience in the worlds of HR. A relevant combination suitable for any senior manager in the business world

Shahar Nevo

Director, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte

How to lead in a new way? 

Together with your leadership team,
Lead2Quantum will transform


Guide you through an unconventional strategy formation process to reveal the unknown, deal with uncertainty, leverage your team’s passion, abilities, and overcome barriers


Explore your leadership team’s core strengths and challenges by bringing in both surface and under-surface analysis, build a resilient and cohesive team to tackle any complex challenge.


Understand when your organizational structure is an enabler and when it becomes a burden, causes damage, and hinders people from doing the right thing.


Propose ways to motivate long-term planning and investing emotionally and financially in the right infrastructure (e.g., building for scale and big data, rewriting applications, services, and code).


Build quantum teams that work as a whole, bring brilliance, innovation, expertise, and passion unto outstanding results.


Ensure your employees are treated as true partners while eliminating any process that alienates them rather than increases proximity. 

What our partners
say about us

What is quantum theory in a nutshell?

A | Superposition

According to quantum physics, every object is not predetermined but rather represents a collection of possibilities that has the potential to be materialized. How an object will be materialized is contingent upon the observer. Schrodinger's famous experiment demonstrated that an object's existence in a particular space is statistically determined and is super-positioned in multiple places until the moment we observe and one option is materialized.   

In other words, one’s consciousness impacts the subjective experience and hence, the reality. Similarly, we as human beings tend to concentrate on one option out of many, and by doing so construct reality in a very particular way, and are not always aware of other alternatives that exist. Alternatively, acknowledging there are multiple truths means that we invite, embrace, and leverage multiple opinions

 B | Entanglement

Experiments in quantum theory show that particles that have a common history, are keeping correlational relationships even when they are separated by any distance. Similarly, people and groups in organizations are always codependent and co-influenced by one another, even when working separately. There is a need to hone the potential of interdependence between the different organizational parts. A team that chooses to become a “quantum team” and work together collectively, make decisions, and measure themselves on shared, rather than individual goals. Our approach is to encourage a collaborative rather than a competitive approach. 

Quantum physics has demonstrated how reality is not objective but is rather influenced by its measurement, therefore challenging the traditional scientific perception that reality is objective and can be controlled and predicted. There are a few core principles resulting from this understanding that we find relevant and essential to the organizational world. 

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