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Business Offsite - Refinement and Development

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It is time to update and adjust the business strategy to the new challenges, risks and situations of uncertainty.

This is the time to examine all the basic assumptions and make sure that they do fit the changing reality.

We invite the CEOs and their leadership teams for a business offsite and team development towards 2024.


Participants: Leadership team members 

Duration: two full days, preferably overnight

Location: adjusted per need

Goals & Outcomes

  1. Re-defining company’s business strategy according to the analysis of changes in the market and the Investors’ expectations:

  • Focusing on sustainable business growth & profitability, sales & customer focus, people, culture, operational efficiency, and tools.

  • Overcoming the current business challenges and turning it into a competitive advantage.

  • Validating or Adjusting the value proposition, differentiation, and business model and defining key steps forward – business, operational, people-related, and hands-on plan 

  1. Building a practical plan for the updated goals that the company aims to achieve and defining how to make it happen by outlining the key steps forward – business, operational, and people-related.

  2. Leadership team development - strengthening the interdependencies, communication style, and culture to enable effective conflict resolutions and overall alignment.


The process contains three stages:

  1. Pre-offsite analysis - understanding the goals, strengths, challenges, opportunities, and gaps, as well as the relevant external and internal changes.

  2. Offsite sessions - structured, customized, and interactive workshop that redefines the path to success, taking into consideration all aspects.

  3. Outcome - practical high-level plan for implementation. 

What Makes Us Different?

  • We combine a strong business strategy experience & operational excellence with leadership team development & building a strong culture.

  • We use an adaptive, holistic & multidimensional approach – as the industry is complex, unexpected, and constantly changing 

  • We bring both real-life industry business experience and strong consulting skills.

Who are we?

Tanya Yankelevich is an Expert in Strategy, Software Products & Operations with 25+ years of experience in international companies. She held VP and COO positions leading large organizations delivering complex products and multi-million projects, driving innovation, agility, strategic thinking, and operational excellence.

Tanya is a co-founder of 360m that helps companies to build winning strategies and exceptional execution, successfully achieve business growth, funding, and scale-up using a holistic team of industry experts, unique methodology, and tools.

Hagith Malul is an Organizational Psychologist (MSc), who brings 25 years of extensive and diverse experience from global and scale-up AI companies. She is a lecturer and a certified coach. Hagith’s experience spans from HR executive roles leading strategy and execution, shaping culture, and building excellent teams, to leading businesses’ development, technology, and innovation teams and processes.

Hagith founded Lead2Quantum to optimize organizations' business and human potential and empower the leadership teams to manage complex challenges in innovative and exciting ways, inspired by the principles of quantum physics.

Let's Have a Chat

Hagith - 052-397-5008; Tanya - 054-246-8156

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